The Masquerade of Legong Dance

Because I just returned blogging lately and can't post about this before, so here's my late assignment post again :D

The Masquerade of Legong Dance on last January, inspired by Carnival in Venezia and Legong Dance from Bali (Indonesia). Actually not just one costume, there are 5 costumes and 5 characters of famous Venezia Masks that me and my group made. We choose Dottore Peste, Moreta, Dama, Jester and Volto Masks and I choose Volto for my costume. Volto or Larva is one of the oldest traditional Venetian masks. Volto mean face in Italian and larvae mean ghost in Latin. Okey you can't see the masks in this post, because when me and my friend take photos for this costume i forgot to bring the masks :P
You can see other costumes in my previous post.
And a many thanks for my friend Tasia for helping me as a model for this costume :D


Makeup Tasia herself
Photos by me


  1. This is amazing! I love it, absolutely gorgeous costume and you look stunning girl. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Following back on GFC #59 Please keep in touch.

    1. Sure :)
      The girl in that photos is my friend by the way :D
      she's helping me as a model for my costume.

  2. Amazing look ;)
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    Beauty World by Dessi

  3. Nice post, love the costume :)
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  5. Wow i really like it
    its really amazing


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